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    NUEVA CALIDAD MEJORADA Deluxe rubber cover Pro Channel design for better grip and feel. Engraved logos. Precision wound for durability. Official Size and Weight. Allstar (Sz 7) (Sz 6) (Sz 5) Construction: Rubber Use: Practice Size: Official Weight: Official Age Group: All Skill: A ll

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    Deluxe rubber cover Superior durability Precision Nylon-wound Butyl bladder for maximum air retention Indoor / outdoor B125 (Sz 7)  B115 (Sz 6) B110 (Sz 5) Construction: Rubber Use: Competition Size: Official Weight: Official Age Group: All Skill: All

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    NUEVO DISEÑO!!!!!   NUEVA Y MEJOR CALIDAD!!!! Perfection® Series Total Feel Technology Featuring Cushion Control Technology™ Composite Cover Stealth Soft-Valve System™ BX351 (Sz7) BX346 (Sz6)  BX345 (Sz5)  Construction: Composite Use: Game Size: Official Weight: Official Age Group: All Ages Skill: All

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